The concept of RALLTEC is to provide backline technical support in the international music business. The major task is working as drum tech for rock or heavy metal drummers and bands.


This work covers all the necessary services on tour :


  • arranging the equipment.
  • tuning of drums.
  • changing drumheads.
  • cleaning and fixing drums due to damage or wear.
  • taking care of a good show to give the drummer a good feeling while playing.



Not only drummers can have the benefit of my backline services, but also bass and guitar players.

Every musician or band/company which I work for receives my full professional service.




  1. Dani Löble - Helloween



Ralf and me, well, what can I say. We´ve been working and travelling together around the world for quite a long time, a bit over 12 years now,and we just keep on rolling.


We've been through a lot of different stages of the life in the Rock´n´Roll business, which has brought a lot of experience onto the table. Ralf's experience has made him the absolute professional and reliable drumtec that he is today. As a result, he makes my life on the road much easier. He knows how to adjust imedietately to every situation both on and off stage.



Ralf delivers the complete service including:



  1.         setting up, cleaning and repairing of drums, changing drumheads and tuning.
  2.         checking of the electronic stuff such as triggers, computers and in-ear.
  3.         taking care of the transportation and the appropriate drumcases for packing the drum equipment and making sure he stays in contact with the endorsement companies to have all the drum gear ready to go.




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